Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Turtle Salmon Salads

This was a really fun lunch for my kids. As they ate, we read about turtles in our animal encyclopedia. We learned some cool facts. Did you know that the outer segments on a turtle's shell are called "plates?" Did you know turtles don't have teeth? We also found out that they eat fish, birds, worms, insects, and the soft part of plants.

Here's what I used:

Body - wild caught salmon mixed with Trader Joe's regular mayonnaise, shaped into a roundish mound
Plates - organic baby spinach leaves
Head - baby carrot
Eyes - grain-sweetened chocolate chips, cut small
Mouth - tiny piece of raw beet
Feet - cucumbers, cut to shape
Tail - baby carrot, cut into a little triangle shape

I served them with Sweet Mustard Dressing on the side, and organic tortilla chips (which represented desert sand - my boys used them to scoop up the salmon mixture).

Here is a picture of the body without the plates. As you can see, he's already had a few scoops taken out of him at this point, but at least you get the idea of how the base was formed.


SuchTreasures.com said...

That turtle is so cute! You're so creative. I love salmon. That whole creation would be a hit at our house!

Crystal said...

This is over-the-top! Kelly, you need to get this stuff published. Your blog is beautifully crafted, brightly colored, and power-packed with nourishing ideas. Let me know when I can write up a little something to recommend your book when it's ready to hit the press.

Lana Joy said...

Hey, Kelly, I just read about obento boxes in Mothering magazine and though of you. Have you heard of them? Pretty incredible. I wish the article was online because there are some pretty amazing pictures of food art in there. As a culinary artiste, I thought you'd appreciate.


Kid Feed Mommy said...

Thanks for the kind comments, ladies!

Crystal, thanks for the praise. You are too good to me! I'd gladly recommend your book someday too when you write one about your journey as a missionary. You MUST write one someday, you know!!

Lana, yes, I have heard of bento boxes! They are so amazing. I've seen some designs that have blown me away with their detail and precision. It's such a cute hobby that everyone in the family gets to enjoy. Thanks for the great links.