Saturday, June 6, 2009

Open-Faced Black Bean and Cream Cheese Sandwich

Sometimes things don't turn out the way I imagined. Originally with this lunch I tried to make panda faces, but as they came together I knew they would never pass for pandas. Since my plan had failed, I tried to work with what I already had to make something recognizable.

I couldn't decide if it was a raccoon or a husky sled dog (one of my boys picked raccoon, and the other boy picked sled dog).

Here's what I used:

Face, ears, nose and whiskers - brown rice bread, cut into desired shapes (there is a small piece cut for the nose and placed on top of the face piece to give the face more dimension; the ear pieces are also cut separately and set on top of the face piece.)
White fur - Spread cream cheese all over the face bread piece.
Brown fur - Spread black beans (or beans of your choice) in the desired pattern on and around the face and on the nose bread piece.
Eyes - grain-sweetened chocolate chips


Ben Roberts said...

I once ate a raccoon but this sandwich looks far more delicious!

MattMurphy said...

I'd rather eat a raccoon than a black bean and cream cheese sandwhich . . .

Unknown said...

Raccoon or black bean it doesn't matter to me i'd eat them both at the SAME TIME.