Wednesday, September 19, 2007


There are a lot of options for children's supplements. I remember the fruity multi-vitamins I took sometimes as a child. Most of the children's vitamins I have seen in regular stores contain sugar or artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors and colors.

I've often wondered if it's really necessary to give my kids supplements, but I'm coming to see more and more that we're in greater need of them than past generations. Dr. Schwarzbein says we have damaged our food supply by processing most of our foods and depleting our soil of many essential nutrients. She states that chemicals and toxins surround us daily, which require antioxidant protection.

At this point I don't give my boys a multi-vitamin, but I want to start as soon as I find a brand I like (suggestions are welcome!). They currently take Hyland's Vitamin C Tablets daily (this is an exciting event for them because we serve up their tablets in a little treasure chest that they each get to open to reveal their "buried treasure"). Another supplement I'm very interested in starting for them is fish oil. The benefits of taking fish oil are so great (improved brain function and development, for one!). I know they benefited from it when they were breastfeeding since I take fish oil, but now that they are both weaned I want them to continue receiving all the benefits. I'm extremely interested in Dr. Sears' new GO FISH Children's Omega-3 supplement. Of course, it's expensive, but after looking at Wild Oats and Henry's, GO FISH looks to be the best children's fish oil out there. I asked our family doctor about it and she said it was definitely a smart idea and that Dr. Sears' brand would be good.

While fruits and vegetables may not be as nutritious as they used to be, I still try to give the boys a variety of quality produce. Blueberries are very high in antioxidants, so I'm always happy when they eat them. They'll usually eat them in oatmeal or rice grits, and they even like to have them straight from the freezer as a cold treat (be forwarned - their fingers get stained purple when they handle frozen blueberries!).

I'm interested to hear what supplements you give your children. Do they take them regularly? Do you give them certain supplements when they are sick?


CB said...

ummmm ... just the gummivites from Costco (regular vitamins and calcium).

Gloria said...

The store chain "Trader Joes" has a lot of natural food options including childrens' vitamins, candy, and many other products that have all natural flavorings and colors. My husband and I just recently discovered it, and entire small grocery store of mostly natural and organic products, many at near or below regular supermarket prices. I've notice a change in temperment of the whole family since we started going natural. It's great.