Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Homemade Agave Marshmallows

I've looked for a marshmallow recipe that uses unrefined sugar for YEARS. About five years ago, a friend and I tried a recipe that called for brown rice syrup. We were disappointed by the result. It was a gooey, sticky, brown mess that didn't resemble marshmallows AT ALL.

Yesterday, while searching for something totally different, I stumbled across Volcanic Nectar's link for an agave marshmallow recipe, complete with instructional video. I couldn't believe how easy it looked, so I tried it immediately. It worked beautifully. Last night we had stevia hot chocolate, and each of us got an amazingly delicious marshmallow in our mug.

In the past I've wanted to make fudge, but have found that many of the best recipes have marshmallows or marshmallow creme in them. Now I can try making fudge thanks to this fantastic marshmallow recipe!

Check out the fluffy goodness!

Too Many Pumpkins

Chrissie over at flipflops and applesauce recommends wonderful kids books. Every book she has ever mentioned has been a gem. Too Many Pumpkins, by Linda White, is no exception. We checked it out from the library after reading about it on Chrissie's blog. That was at the end of October. We have renewed it two times since then because my kids love it so much. It's such a fun, bright book with great illustrations and a charming story, and it's perfect for fall, especially with all the yummy baking that takes place this time of year. Be prepared to want to make lots of pumpkin treats after reading it!